Installing the board into an original ZX Spectrum rubber key case would require some modification to the rear of the case. Holes would have to be cut to accommodate the Joystick Port and the SD Card, also the original hole for the TV socket would have to be made larger.

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Required Items

There are a number of items that will be required for this part of the mod, if you require information on any products used, feel free to contact me.

  • Small flat file
  • Small rounded file
  • Large flat file
  • Dremel cutting tool
  • Fine tipped white felt pen
  • Non latching mini push button
  • 2 core cable
  • 2 pin mini connector
  • Fine sand paper

Preparing the Just Speccy 128 board

The Just Speccy 128 board is a fantastic product, but I did need to do a couple of modifications:

1. ULA Socket

In order to make room for the ULA and a heat sink, the ULA socket would have to be removed and the ULA soldered directly on to the board. This may be over and above the skills of most, so if you feel a little bit weary regarding this, get a technician to do this for you.

2. Joystick Bolts

I did not want the joystick bolts getting in the way, also it would be easier to cut the holes at the back of the case without having to include these. I replaced the two bolts with flat headed screws.

Cutting the joystick hole

  1. In order to mark out where to cut the holes, I offered up the board to the back of the bottom casing, with a white felt pen I marked the left/right edges of the smallest part of the joystick socket. 

  2. I then used a dremel with the round flat blade attachment to cut pseudo holes , knowing these were smaller than what would be required.

  3. Due to the screws on the joystick port, I would need to file down the inside of the casing, I did this using the Dremel with the small drum sander attachment. 

  4. Then I filled down the edges of the joystick hole until the board fitted correctly.

  5. The top casing was then set in place and the above steps again taken.

  6. Both the top and bottom holes were tidied up using the fine small files, the rounded file was used for the corners. Fine sand paper can also be used to finish off the edges.

Cutting the SD Card Hole

  1. I eyeballed the SD port and with a white felt pen drew on the back where I thought it should be.

  2. Using the Dremel with the flat rotary blade I then cut the top and bottom sections.

  3. The sides were drilled out using the Dremel with the largest drill bit.

  4. The hole was tidied up using files, the rounded file was used for the edges, while the large flat file was used for the top and bottom edges.

  5. An SD card was inserted to test and adjustments made if necessary.

Adding the SD Menu button

The SD Menu button is required to access and load games easily from the SD Card. The actual button itself is up to the individual, I would suggest trawling eBay for miniature non latching buttons. Generally all you will be required to do is to drill the correct size hole and mount the button in place. I would suggest mounting it above the SD Card. 

The button should plug into the J8 on the board, preferably you shouldn't solder it directly to the jumper, but use a plug instead.