This is the story of my modification of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K rubber keyboard model, during the course of the modification I will be replacing the motherboard with the Just Speccy 128 board and re-spraying the system white. This will be my first ever real mod of a computer system, the result should be a totally unique Sinclair Spectrum.

Just Speccy 128

The Just Speccy 128 is a clone of the ZX Spectrum 128 Toast Rack motherboard, but it is small enough to fit inside an original 48K rubber keyboard Spectrum. This means you can have all the advantages of the Spectrum 128 in an original 48K shell, but you are free to use the board in a Spectrum+ if you wish. The motherboard also comes with some additional features, such as a built in Kempston joystick port and an SD card slot, it also has RGB video out and a SCART cable is available.

The Mod

Installing the Just Speccy 128 board

Installing the board into an original ZX Spectrum rubber key case would require some modification to the rear of the case.


Respraying the plastic case parts

Comming soon.

Metal top case and legends

This is the part of the mod that I was most nervous about, the top metal case would obviously prove to be the most difficult task to overcome due to the legends and rainbow stripe graphic.