Doom was the brainchild of ID Software and was released sometime around 1993ish, It was almost the “First” FPS (First Person Shooter) on the PC, and had it’s legacy in the form of Wolfenstein 3D (Wolf 3D) and Spear Of Destiny (SOD <-- LOL).

The story

The UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) is a multi-planetary conglomerate with radioactive waste facilities on Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. It’s been tinkering with research on inter-dimensional space travel, opening jump gates between the two moons, don’t you just know somethings gonna go wrong? The experiment goes wrong (Ha told you) and something nasty materializes through the jump gates, all contact with Mars is lost, Pause while scary music plays.

A crack team is assembled and sent to Mars to investigate, your troops go in, you hear screams and firing all around you and then you lose contact with the rest of your squad leaving you lonely and scared. This is where the game begins, you will meet all manner of horrible wee beasties, including your former comrades in action who have now turned mentalist.

Run around, shoot everything, find keys, pickup weapons, open doors and make your way to your doom. Scary stuff innit….

Our Hero

He’s one tough dude, He uses a revolver to play tiddlywinks. All through the game He looks at you from the bottom of the screen with a grin, you can judge his health by the smile, or the blood. He can take quite a few hits before dying, but you can pick up health to top it up.

Wee Beasties

These guys are nasty, you will meet anything from mental humans to massive brains on mechanical legs that look like spiders. Whoever designed these must have overdosed on toffee crisps as they are truly diabolical. So here is a list of the monsters in Doom, with some basic tactics to boot:


Yes Sir Sergeant Sir snort grunt. Formally your buddies in combat, they will do anything to get even for you putting salt in his coffee. These guys have been affected by the warp gates and have gone quite mental.


A puny hand gun.


These are not a threat unless they are in numbers.


Just shoot them, they are weak.


Shotgun Guy

Similar to the Zombieman, this dude is annoyed at you sticking "Kick me" on his back at parade. He doesn't take kindly to you firing bullets at his knees.




Bad at close range.


Keep back from these guys and fill em full of lead.


Heavy Weapon Dude

That's the last time I ever give a machine gun to anyone who's foaming at the mouth, and I don't care how many glasses of wine I'm offered. This guy is very persuasive though, and it doesn't pay to loyter in open areas.


An accurate heavy machine gun


If you hear a machine gun then you have generally been spotted, duck behind something quickly as they are pretty dangerous, especially if you don't know exactly where they are.


Use a shotgun at close range, and a rocket launcher or machine gun if he's lurking in the distance.



Aww, it's sweet, brown, cuddly, and I will pet him and hug him and squeeze him and I will call him George; Kudos for anyone who knows that reference! This little Imp has fire in his soul that's just dying to get out, straight out of his fist and in your direction. I'm afraid offering it a bite on your Snickers bar won't win him over.




Generally found in packs, don't get close as they do cat-scrams.


Face them and fire, strafe to avoid the fireballs as they aren't very fast moving.



Snort flippin snort. This funny guy looks like an angry bipedal pig. He snorts, growls, bites and is one spoon short of a prison escape kit. He has big freaking teeth and has a bite that would make a shark skedaddle. I would love to meet his dentist.

Actually the first time I met this beast I almost cried in horror, it was totally unexpected and the first thing I knew was a growl at the end of a corridor, then it ran towards me and started to bite. I remembered thinking "Oh my that was horrible, this game is amazing!"


Bloody big teeth.


They run up to you and bite your face off, at least you won't be worried about zits again.


Stand in a narrow corridor with the chainsaw, they are stupid enough to try and eat the mesmerising buzzing blade. Obviously they didn't read the safety warning; Do not try and stop the blade with fingers, genitals or teeth.



The Spectre is identical to the Demon, except it's translucent. If you feel something gnawing on your nose then it's bound to be one of these toothy munchers.


Big teeth and stealth.


In dark areas, they are almost impossible to spot until it's right in your face.


If you see a shimmering moving around then it's a Spectre, also listen out for the same snorting sounds as the Demon.

Spectres succumb to the same tactics as the Demon, so run around like a mad ejit with the chainsaw and you're bound to get em!


Lost Soul

Doom is full of screaming evil and skulduggery, this guy fits that idealism perfectly. A floating skull that glows with fire, it screams towards you with the same contempt I have for the decay in duplicating homosapien DNA strands.


No projectile weapons, they just speed at you and bite ya bum.


They move slowly, but their short bursts of speed can get you when you least expect it, so expect the unexpected, even though you're not expecting it.


At long distance use a pistol or chain-gun, short distance a shotgun. These guys are pretty weak, even punching them is okay!



The Cacodemon is a bonny monster, it flits from room to room. It's round, red, fluffy and it floats, not the most intimidating of creatures and it resembles a flying Firby on acid. You can see the acid when they die, disgusting!


Slow projectile fireballs.


When you hear them screech you have been spotted, then watch out for them fire balls.


You can run around them easily shooting with a shotgun as their projectiles are easy to strafe.


Hell Knight

Looking like a brown horny demon, sort of Minotaur(ish). This oriible knight will track you down and offer you a nice hot bowl of green acid. Actually they just throw it at you, no manners at all, typical. I mean if He didn't want it, all he had to do was leave it on the table...


Throws green acid at you.


It's tough skinned, obviously forgot to moisturise. They can get you from a distance.


Run around him shooting with a shotgun or chain-gun, avoiding the acid balls.


Barron of Hell

Very similar to the Hell Knight, except they are pink, something the Hell Knight keeps laughing at. Note to Hell Knights: Barons are bad tempered and they hate being called "Pinky Poos". You will only make him angry again, so stop it.


It's the bowl of acid again, but does more damage than the Hell Knight.


Tougher than the Hell Knight, and they usually are part of Doom surprises.


Keep your distance, you can take these out with a shotgun, a rocket launcher is preferable though.



This guy has the brains, literally! It's just a big brain on mechanical legs and has a bit of a lisp. I had one as a pet when I was 5, we had to have it put to sleep though as it kept escaping from the garden and worrying sheep.


Rapid firing plasma launcher.


These will try and get you from a distance, note the long stream of plasma flying towards you? Well don't just stand there "MUTLEY, DOOO SOMETHING..."


Blast these with your own plasma or machine gun. If you hurt them they recoil and stop firing, so keep hitting them quickly.


Pain Elemental

Looking similar to the Cacodemon, only brown, this one floats around generally being a pain. It makes a wierd animal oww noise when you hurt it.


The Pain Elemental generates Lost Souls.


The Lost Souls spat out are the danger, not the Pain Elemental itself.


Use something that's automatic, like a chain or plasma gun. You will need to take out the Lost Souls it spits out as well as the creature itself. When you encounter a Pain Elemental, dispatch it ASAP or you will soon be surrounded by Lost Souls.



Tall, bony and tells worse jokes than Bernard Manning. The Revenant is quite a fast runner too, but I can't see him being allowed in the Olympics as the carnage would be unacceptable.


Fires rockets from his shoulders, some of them track and will follow you to the ends of Mars.


These will fire at you from a distance and you may not hear this happening, if you suddenly get hit by a reddish exploding projectile, then get to cover and locate the source. If the Revnant fires a tracking missile, then run quickly and duck behind a wall. Don't let them get too close either as they have a pretty mean left hook, a bit like Frank Bruno on stilts.


Make sure you have cover, keep strafing out and fire rockets at them.



He's a large mean belching machine. The Imps have a hell of a laugh as they keep shouting "Fatty fat fat fat". As you would expect he takes it all out on you, his psychiatrist must make a lot of money out of him. Flip I just thought, the couch must be massive.


Fires a spread of huge fireballs, usually in bursts of three. Three is the number, no less, no more. Two is too little, four is way off...


The sheer fire-power of this guy is bad, they can have you hitting the deck faster than a concealed trip wire. If you walk into one of these, RUN!


Try to have cover, keep firing rockets at them, they only need a couple or so to make them see sense. Don't dart out to quickly though, as they usually fire in bursts of three. Three is the number, no less, no more. Two is too little, four is way off...



Feeling like this gum-ball was sent from the gods, he's tall, golden and skeletony. Unfortunately the Gods have nothing to do with him any more, they kicked him out of heaven when he was caught playing catapult, with real cats.


Causes fire to appear all around you, after a second or so the fire explodes, get the burgers out it's barbecue time!


This guy is unique as He can literally resurrect the dead. And you thought that Demon was annoyed the first time you tricked it to chew on that chainsaw.


You see all them bodies around you, if you don't kill this fast they will all be resurrected. Plasma gun them down, but if you feel the heat get out of sight as He cannot hurt you if he cannot see you.


The Spider Mastermind

Remember that brain on mechanical legs? Well here's another one, only much BIGGER. It's the mother of all arachnotrons, and it ain't too happy at you killing all it's little kiddies. The Spider Mastermind is actually the end of level guardian, but that won't stop you filling it full of hammer sandwiches.


A massive machine gun, lots of lead coming your way!


Line of sight is definitely a bad idea, get cover quickly.


Keep your cover, and throw anything you have at this one. It isn't a fluffy pussy cat you know.


The Cyber Demon

Looking like the Hell Knight, but flipping huge. Someone must have upset him as he stomps around in a right mood. Did anyone ever tell him He's going to wear a hole in the carpet?


He's got a rocket launcher on the end of one arm, must make it difficult going to the loo.


Stand around for long, and you will be eating rocket burgers for din dins.


Use pillars or any other cover and blast him with rockets. Try not to back up against a wall, if his rockets hit the wall behind you then it will set yer bum on fire!


The Stormtrooper

This little fella is a total nut job and German to boot, or should that be Das Boot, er, The Boat? No that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. To be honest you may never see him at as he's only in the secret levels which are based on the original Wolfenstein levels.


Oh yeah, another shotgun, but surprisingly accurate. 


These are dangerous in packs, and they are quite often in said packs. No! Not the type of packs you get diet coke in.


Use cover, attack them from a distance with rapid fire weapons.



Doom has an array of eight weapons, nine if you include the double barrelled shotgun from Doom II. And they are as follows:

  1. The mighty hand

    When you run out of bullets, you can use your fist of doom (See what I did there?) to thump your enemies in the nose. You can kill a few of the weedier enemies like this but I wouldn't go thumping an Arachnotron, they are bad tempered and tend to pay you back the compliment with their ever so slightly more powerful plasma gun.

  2. Chainsaw

    No no no no, this is definitely not for chopping down vertical shrubs. It's for running around like a nutter and swiftly carving up the monsters. Remember that, it may just save your life!

  3. Hand Gun

Whoopy, one bullet at a time, this gun is what you start with. It's okay at first but you soon realize that you're gonna need something more powerful to kick hells ass to, er, hell and back?

  4. Shotgun

    Now you're getting it, this is one of the most popular Doom weapons, ammo for this is everywhere and it packs a punch. You can take out a Hell knight quite easily with one of these!

  5. Double barrelled Shotgun

    Ahaaa, Bang Bang your dead. That will teach you to stare down the barrel while checking the trigger mechanism! This weapon is the same as the shotgun, except it delivers twice the punch, but it takes longer to reload after every shot. Please also note this is only found in Doom II.

  6. Chain-gun

    Imagine a handgun that can fire over 5 rounds a second. It uses the same ammo as the handgun but is pretty flippin deadly and accurate! And no it's not the same as using a handgun and firing it faster, that would be silly now wouldn't it.

  7. Rocket Launcher

    Long range rockets are fired from these. They are fantastic at taking out big enemies from a long way away. But holly ma-honey mother of god don't fire it at a wall you're close to, you will get caught by Mr Blasty.

  8. Plasma Gun

With this equipped you're able to fire a stream of pretty plasma where ever you point your finger of death at. Er forget the finger thing I just typed that as it sounded funny. The Plasma Gun is excessively neat, blue plasma streams from the barrel killing lots of things, that's good when you have lots of plasma ammo. Not so good when you don't!

  9. BFG 9000

    This is one Big Gun! Nobody knows what the F stands for, but it could be something rude, I like to think it stands for FLUFFY. The Big F****ng Gun 9000 is mega deadly, using the same ammo as the Plasma gun it sends out one huge bolt of Plasma that vaporizes every horrible grunting thing around you. It's only drawback is that is uses a lot of ammo in a single shot.


At the time, the graphics were totally ground breaking, I remember playing it on a 386 and I was totally blown away. It felt like real 3D and even had different light levels for different areas. The artwork was truly something out of a horror movie, it still looks ohh so scary today.

Doom isn’t however truly 3D, It’s simply a bunch of rooms connected to each other. Take the doors for instance, doors are a very thin room! When the door is shut, the ceiling of that room is the same height as the floor, to open the door, the ceiling is raised, Simple! You cannot have one room above another in doom. Mind you, I never noticed this when I first played it as the maps are very cleverly designed.


Amazing. Just like the graphics, the sound fits the mood. The creatures scream when they see you, the weapons sound meaty, even the doors sound like they are alive. It’s a shame the PlayStation© version had a different sound bank, it wasn't the same.

So many times I have nearly wet my knickers when I have walked into a room and WAAARGGHHH something screams in my ear, jeez. They got it just right! I have heard many other games and even films that have used samples from the game, just goes to show, or rather hear…

Game Play

What CAN I say, This game scared the hell outta me, I remember playing this at 1:00am in the dark with headphones on. Next thing I knew was one of the guys who lived in my house racing into my room as he heard me screaming a lot. I got more fun out of the scariness than I have with a horror movie in years. Enough said really!


The game is such a classic, it’s hard to sum it up. If I was to think of one word to describe it, that word would be “extraordinary”. Even that isn’t good enough.


10 / 10